Glad you asked. It depends on what we’re talking about. In general, our style is to be emotionally present at your wedding and focus in on the love story that’s unfolding. And in the editing process, we pull together the most compelling and striking visuals we were able to get, along with sounds and dialog from the day, combined with badass music that makes everything even more epic.

Alexis + Dave - Wedding at Edgewood_368.jpg

During the day, we switch between being flies on the wall and being creative directors when the occasion calls for it.

We don’t interrupt real, organic moments to get a cool shot. Having your First Look? We won’t say a word until you finally exhale and look over at us. Right after that though, you bet we’ll make the most of a backlit landscape or wherever we are!

And when the dance floor starts shakin’, you bet we’ll be shakin’ our way through and picking up every ounce of energy with our awesome cameras.

We ain’t shy, but we know when to lurk in the shadowS…
and when to come out

If you’re still curious what our audio-visual style is, I think the best way to find that out is to sit down and watch some of our films!

What is the process like?

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Complicated question, but basically it works like this:

  1. You book with us!

  2. We can set up a call or chat any time via e-mail, I answer any questions you have between booking and your actual wedding day.

  3. A few weeks before your wedding,
    we re-connect and hash out some details, review the timeline, fill out a questionnaire, and BOOM…

  4. On your wedding day, we arrive and capture any footage that we think is important, and any shots you suggested to us on the questionnaire!

  5. We capture high quality audio of the ceremony & speeches (as evidenced in our films) along with our 4K footage, because it’s extremely important for storytelling!

  6. We back-up all your footage, select music that fits the vibe and enhances the story without “becoming the story”…and start editing!

  7. Magic Happens

  8. You receive an emotional heirloom that you’ll cherish forever.

Curious about something else?
Ask Me Anything! I’m an open book.