We Are The Goodfolk Film Company.


Videography has come a long way since your cousin’s friend videotaped their wedding with a camcorder and slapped some cheesy piano music on it. These days, teams like ours are out there making films that leave you shook.

We focus on story, not stationary

When you watch the film we make about your wedding, we want you to get goosebumps, like you had after Game of Thrones S01E01.
not cringe every time you see the thumbnail.

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Some Small, Small way

In the shade of the trees at Deer Park Villa, Caitlin & Carl exchanged emotionally super-charged vows before bursting into an Islay Scotch fueled party that the townies in Fairfax, CA must’ve heard all the way across town.

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I’ll Be the Raynor to your Kerrigan

A quirky Berkeley wedding at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park, filled with Rickrolls, Starcraft references, choreographed dances, and a Buddhist wedding bell. We also had the honor to capture Philippe’s creative proposal to Jackie, and even shot their engagement photos.

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A Wedding at 16th Street Station

Kara & Daniel are some of the warmest, most community oriented people we’ve ever met, and filming their wedding in Oakland at what is essentially a historic abandoned train station was one of those momentous occasions that made us feel incredibly lucky to witness and memorialize such incredible weddings.


The Road Goes Ever On and On

Just outside Yosemite, there’s a place like Disneyland for outdoorsy folks called Rush Creek Lodge. The fact that Andrea & Michael chose this place as their venue, and chose to spend sunset playing foosball and darts rather than prancing around a field in slow motion (which we also love) speaks to their whimsical life of adventure.



“I think this was the smartest vendor choice I made for my wedding. His work was emotional, authentic, and elegant. I highly recommend his work to anyone who is looking to immortalize their day.”

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Honestly, it’s hard to pick the ones that go right on our website, because we tend to shoot weddings for such a diverse crowd,
and we love every one of them so much. Here’s a bunch more!

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Winter Wedding at Edgewood
South Lake Tahoe, NV

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Ashley + Kyle

Ranch Wedding at Basso’s Arena
Livermore, CA

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Sunnie + Glenn

Wine Country Wedding at V. Sattui
St. Helena, CA


Sireesha + Sam

Hindu Wedding at Pema Osel Ling
Watsonville, CA

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City rooftop wedding at The Pearl
San Francisco, CA

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Tawsha + Justin

Badass wedding at Pema Osel Ling
Watsonville, CA

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