My name’s Mauricio and I am currently the only full-time “employee” of The Goodfolk Film Co., though I expect that to change in the coming years!

I am based in the Bay Area, California, but love to travel whenever possible.

Right now I work with a fantastic crew of peers, some of whom run their own businesses in weddings, documentary, photo-journalism, and more. Usually, the way it works is one of these guys or gals will join me at a wedding to walk around capturing dope footage of brides, grooms, family members, & pick up the scenery and vibe at your wedding. We’ve all got a good sense for that sort of thing!

While The Goodfolk team grows over time, I still personally shoot at every one of our weddings (unless something awful happened to me — such as being kidnapped or murdered).

I am also the Editor, Creative Director, Head of Marketing & Accounting, and Mascot.

Kaylin and I with our two boys at a friend’s wedding in Sonoma. We love our two sons, and they love chaos.

I am a husband and father to a friggin’ cute as hell family. My wife Kaylin is a hilarious young gal who grew up Stafford Lake County Park in Marin, fending off hippie Frisbee Golfers and collecting weird animals like possums and turkeys as pets.

“We also had a chicken that would ride in my mom’s van to pick us up. Surprisingly, we weren’t actual hillbillies though,” says Kaylin while cry-laughing on the couch.


…and they were cool enough to let me do my thing mostly, and supported me through playing in rockbands, bartending, and film school — all of which would terrify me if I were them.


“THE GOODFOLK FILM COMPANY”. Name’s kind of a mouthful I guess? But the story of where we got the name is simple enough.

WHEN I FIRST STARTED shooting lots of weddings, I would wake up the next day after a shoot and my wife would ask me how went.

“It was insanely cool, and everybody there seemed like SUCH GOOD FOLK,” was a phrase I would almost always use to describe a somewhat ineffable feeling of being surrounded by GOODNESS. Goodness is often found at weddings, and it’s that goodness that we try to find with our cameras, microphones, lights, eyeballs and ears.

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You can learn more technical information on our approach to wedding videography AT this link: