It's good to expand your horizons.  Starting in 2018, we will begin offering still photography as well as videography.  Over the course of the year, you'll see this portfolio grow very quickly, and I think you'll like what you see.  

We still specialize in wedding videography, but more and more I've been getting increasingly tempting offers to shoot engagement photos, which I've very much enjoyed.  In addition to engagement photos, we find people often want to bundle photography and videography together to make things easier on themselves.  Well, I aim to please, and luckily, I have some amazing photography partners with gorgeous portfolios of their own.  Contact me if you'd like to know more!

Alexis + Dave

- January 2018 -
South Lake Tahoe

Lisa + Cal

November 2017
Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Julie + Chad

December 2016
City Hall, San Francisco