The Ultimate Collaborative Music Selection Process Handbook Webpage Thing.

why did you send me this?

Well, for starters, you are by no means required to read any of this, or look at any of the links below!  If you prefer to let me take the wheels, that is totally cool.  Just let me know if you'd rather be surprised, or if you'd rather I send you a few songs and you can let me know what you think.  But if you want to have total control over the musical aspect, I understand and want to make this as easy as possible.

If you'd like, you can skip through all of this reading material, and dive straight in to the MUSICBED, MARMOSET MUSIC, SONGFREEDOM, AND SOUNDSTRIPE PLAYLISTS BELOW!

what am i in for?

Choosing affordable licensed music that doesn't suck is actually a very challenging and difficult process.  In fact, I'd say it's the hardest part of being a video producer.

I mean, it would be a piece of cake if we could pick whichever Bruno Mars song the kids are listening to these days on the MTV or the Napster, but then we'd eventually get sued and that would be real annoying.

Furthermore, when it comes to editing the highlight film, MUSIC IS A KEY COMPONENT.  If I start editing the film using one piece of music, we are pretty much locked in using that song, because changing the track will most often require a complete re-editing of the footage, which results in more man-hours spent, which could end up resulting in more dollars spent as well.

In the past, I've spent hours agonizing and obsessing over the song for a highlight film, because I refuse to just pick a random piece of music.  There should be a purpose for it, and it should stem from your vibe as a couple, from the feelings and sounds and visuals of the wedding, and from your story.

And that process can become much longer if we end up having a lot of back and forth, which can delay the final delivery of your film.  So to expedite and streamline this process, I wanted to provide some helpful info, as well as some specially curated playlists for you to look & listen through.

what makes an ideal piece of music for a wedding film?

Not every amazing song is good for filmmaking.  you need something that can drive the story, so you need small + quiet parts, parts that build, parts that get big and loud and epic, and parts that resolve.

And sometimes, just one super good dynamic song won't be able to tell the whole story.  We may need to transition into a second or even third song at some point. 

You also have to consider that you'll want sound bytes from the wedding, so songs that are heavy on the lyrics can get a bit tricky, though there are often instrumental versions as well.


I can edit music very heavily.  I can make a 7 minute song into 30 seconds, or a 2 minute song vamp for an extra 2 minutes.

so what exactly should i do?

If you've chosen to take the wheel and choose your own music, please send me your top 3-10 tracks and I'll start figuring out how to make it happen! is by far my favorite site for licensing music.  The catalog is filled with real artists (cool people with beards that live in brick walled studio apartments and have no bed frame).  You can find anything from folk, country and pop, to indie, hip-hop, electronica and orchestral cinematics.  There are some exceedingly sexy and beautiful songs on here.