{ December 9th, 2017 }
San Francisco, CA

Wedding videography often gets forgotten about, for some strange reason, in the planning of a wedding.  

Celina, Angel and I met for coffee in Walnut Creek to discuss making a wedding film, and according to Angel, the choice was between hiring me to film their wedding, or him arriving at the wedding in a Lamborghini.

Luckily, they made the right choice, though a shot of the groom slamming the door to a Lambo behind him as he pulled his shades off would have been cool.

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is such a gorgeous wedding ceremony venue, and we were ecstatic that the weather played nice.  It looked less like the foggy city we know and love and more like what SF looks like in the movies and in Full House.

Flying my drone around the city with the Golden Gate bridge in the background was a thrill in itself, as young children and their parents came up to me to ask if they could see the monitor.

The intimate reception was held at the Temescal Beach House, where the real party began.  They projected an animated video that told the story of Celina and Angel meeting and falling in love.

Celina and Angel are an incredibly sweet couple with a bright future ahead of them, and I wish them the very best.