Philippe + Jackie (Surprise Proposal)

Asking someone to marry you is nerve racking enough, but to add a Pre-Alpha build of a homemade V.R. game into the mix takes it to a whole other level!  

I was contacted by a Elie, one of the charming representatives of The Yes Girls®, a marriage proposal planning service based out of Texas.  When she told me the Philippe’s idea, I immediately thought, “I like this guy.”

So we met at an empty, freezing cold loft / studio in the Dogpatch in SF, where I met the lovely florists from Urban Botanica and the amazing Jiyeon from The Allens Photography.

The florists began transforming the cold concrete and white brick into a nerd-love shrine, lit with various sizes of glass candles, water filled canisters, and gorgeous flowers and flower petals.  Two picture frames stood on either side, with depictions of themselves re-imagined as characters from Starcraft, who I am told have a very intense love story in the game.  

When Philippe arrived with Jackie, Jiyeon stopped them at the door and pretended to be the hostess at a strange V.R. experience game room, and instructed Jackie to put on the Google Daydream View headset.  I hid around the corner, patiently waiting for them to emerge with an essentially blindfolded woman.  

She had an enormous smile on what was the only visible part of her face, “Wow!” she said as she looked around the virtual room, and the actual room she had just entered.  

Philippe walked her to her mark, while she continued to believe she was there to play the latest V.R. experience.  She played through the game filled with call-outs to their favorite games, inside jokes, and beverages of choice (coke), and more, laughing through her amazement at what was happening inside her headset, when the game prompted her to remove the headset.  And there was Philippe, ready to propose.  How dope is that?

And #shesaidyes.

Planners: The Yes Girls®
Florists: Urban Botanica
Photography: The Allens Photography