{ September 29th, 2016 }
Slane, Ireland

After a sleepless ten hour flight with my wife, one-year-old-son, and my in-laws, we arrived in Dublin tired, hungry, and thirsty for an enormous tub of Guinness to bathe in.  I’d never filmed a wedding for a family member, and I was ecstatic to shoot in the Irish countryside.

My sister, Beatriz, and my future brother-in-law greeted us at the rehearsal dinner at The Ferryman, an old Irish pub along the Liffey.  We had such an amazing time seeing family from California & Chile, and meeting my soon to be Irish extended family, that the whole night ends up a sleep-deprived blur.  But the one big memory that stands out is my Sister cutting the Celtic band for a moment to give a speech, to thank everyone for coming.  It was then that she stopped mid sentence and gave the microphone to Keith, who picked up where she couldn’t go without getting too emotional.  

“To Virgilio”, Keith said.  Virgilio is Beatriz and my father who was unable to make the trip to Ireland, due to the recent loss of his right leg.  From California, Virgilio had still made sure to pay for the food and drinks at the Ferryman that evening.  

The music kicked back on, and we all partied until we could not party no more.

Fast forward a few days.  Bright and early, we all met at The Gravediggers, an incredibly authentic Irish pub that sat outside an old, old graveyard, filled with historical tombstones and Irish Constitutional signatories.  We hopped on a charter bus to Slane, and I was drooling at the sites while trying to keep my son entertained.  We arrived at The Millhouse, and everyone (me) couldn’t stop with The Simpsons references.  “Everything’s comin’ up Millhouse.”

From there on, the Guinness flowed, the whiskey… also flowed, and the gin and vodka and rum and tequila, also flowed.  A stream flowed past the old mill.  Lot’s of flowing going on.  

After the ceremony, we went out for a portrait session along the creek, which is where I got the final shot in the video and almost killed myself doing it.  Sprinting with my Ronin stabilizer behind a golf cart, I said to myself, “if this shot turns out of focus, I’m going to have to take a bottle of Jameson to the face.”  Fortunately, I nailed the focus and only drank half the bottle.

The live band played classic American rock & roll, lots of Elvis.  My uncle Hector showed everyone how to dance the “cueca”, a Chilean dance involving a handkerchief and 1000% confidence.

The night was far from over.

Venue: The Millhouse, Slane, Ireland